New Nautilus Glassware

Have you seen our new hand-painted glassware style?

Nautilus glassware is inspired by the mysteries of the open ocean. White-capped waves, dark blue swells, even the elusive kracken!

These glasses utilize new sleek shapes that pair with their contemporary artistic flair. The paint flows organically down the top of the stem, and ends with a broken, coral-like edge. 

The swirls of blue and white water also have a translucent liquid texture, letting light bounce playfully around your drink.

Check out our three current barware shapes, red wine, stemmed martini, and stemless martini glasses, and keep an eye out for more shapes heading your way!

For more behind-the-scenes info and stories from the art studio, head over to the NMA blog, 10 Toes & 2 Fish! We would love to see you!

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