The Story of Tower Life I

Sunsets are magical things...

...if you take the time and just stop. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, sunsets heal all that has happened that day. They transcend time and distance, allowing you to breathe in what you need, and breathe out what you should. Every single day, they are the most unique and awesome thing shared among us all, no matter where we are. 

Sunsets signify not only the end to a day, but a chance to start anew.

Some or most of you may know that our Tower Life series started began with a photograph taken by my partner, Amy.

The inspiration for Tower Life I

The photo was taken a year ago tonight, August 28th, at Venice Beach, California. It was…to say the least…an interesting time. Just a few short weeks before, we had decided to take the company full-time and make a go of things together as business partners and with the company as a whole. 


It was a crazy, insane time, and ultimately, the beginning of creating art to bring you closer to living your dreams.

Why was THIS particular sunset so significant to us? Because it was the beginning of the first 120 Beyond - our daily challenge over the following 120 days to think positive, to find the gratitude in every moment, and to rewire our minds so that we started finding opportunity in all challenges.  We encouraged anyone and every we could to join us.

Those that did join us, at the close of 2016, found their lives brighter and full of joy, and with a renewed optimism for the future.

This photograph, and the painting that would follow, mark a beginning of all things new and magical, and most importantly the beginning of many more adventures to come

Soon, we will begin the 2017 120 Beyond Challenge!  Keep an eye out here or subscribe to our Newsletter (better yet, do both!) to become part of a challenge that will reshape your life and make your future better and brighter.

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