The Original Wild Ones Original Artwork

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The Original Wild Ones Original Artwork

Price Reduction!
Price Reduction!

This is an original watercolor painting of a surfer dude sliding down a titanic green and purple wave. In the background a setting sun silhouettes fantastically large palm trees of an exotic island. We arent sure about his posture. Its better not to ask.

Whether you grew up by the water, have a love affair with all things oceanic, or simply cant get enough of the salt air, this art print will bring the easy, surfer lifestyle right into your home. Perfect for your bar, dining room, beachside lounge, or wherever makes you feel groovy.

The art piece you receive is the one pictured.

One Limited Edition Art Print of a surfer sliding down a green and purple wave against the backdrop of a sunset sky and huge, towering palms
This painting was gallery priced at over $275. Get it direct from us and enjoy both a discount and a direct connection with the artist
Styled after the most exotic islands this side of Fiji
Paper size is 13? x 10 1/4
Painting size is 11 1/2? x 8 3/4
Hand painted and Signed by the artist - Nelson Ruger (thats me)
Sealed for color durability
Frame and Mat not included