Meet Nelson

Nelson Ruger is an acclaimed artist and co-owner of 5th & Rugged, an art and decor company focused on coastal art and design. His artistic career began with theatrical design, leading to the realization of his Broadway dream in 1998. His exploration then led him to discover watercolor painting during a beachfront class back home in Ocean City. Later he established his studio in Virginia before relocating to Los Angeles as creative director for themed entertainment projects. In 2015, he partnered with Amy Wilson, and Nelson Makes Art rebranded as 5th & Rugged. Now based in Florida, Nelson creates stunning art, hand painted glassware pieces inspired by the beauty of titanic waves, picturesque palm trees and dazzling sunsets that bring light into this world.


Meet Amy

Amy Wilson is an experienced marketing maven and forward-thinking leader. She has a proven record of transforming shopper insights into unique strategies and solutions for Fortune 500 retail clients, leading integrated teams to deliver multi-million dollar revenue growth, and creating award-winning marketing collateral. As part of 5th & Rugged, she brings artistic vision and capabilities to create stunning works of wall art with epoxy resin.With her remarkable communication abilities and capacity to collaborate, Amy is an exceptional visionary who invariably brings something extraordinary to the conversation.