A Meeting of Souls

  • A Meeting of Souls

A Meeting of Souls


A land shrouded in snow and mystery - Skyrim. Skies blackened by the wings of dragons and the fires of war. It is a world beloved by many, and it is that love that drove me to create this Skyrim fan art.

At the top of a snow-covered crag, the DragonBorn - a lone warrior in a red cloak - stands off against a dragon against the backdrop of mountains and a deep blue sky.

Inspired by epic adventures in the game "The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim" this palette knife oil painting touches on the epic, timeless story of facing one's dragon, meeting it, and coming away stronger than ever before.

This wall art was painted using palette knives and oil paint and is sealed in a thick coat of art resin, increasing the depth and texture of the pieces.


  • One oil painting celebrating an epic moment of The Hero's Journey - inspired by the game "Skyrim"
  • Hand-painted with a palette knife
  • Finished with clear Art Resin
  • provides UV protection
  • adds depth of color and a clear, glossy smooth finish
  • some oil paint texture pokes through the surface giving the piece a unique look
  • Ready to hang
  • Sides of canvas are painted a cool, dark gray bordering on black
  • canvas is 16”x20”x5/8” plus the art resin clear coat which adds a bit to the thickness of the piece 
  • Signed by the artist

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