Ryan Farish's Art for Life Album Limited Edition Art Canvases

  • Ryan Farish's Art for Life Album Limited Edition Art Canvases

Ryan Farish's Art for Life Album Limited Edition Art Canvases


Celebrate the release of acclaimed electronic music artist Ryan Farish's newest album, Art For Life, with these Limited Edition Art Canvas Reproductions featuring the album artwork, originally hand painted by artist Nelson Ruger in direct collaboration with artist Ryan Farish.

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The original artwork is 36"x36" on a stretched canvas wood frame, painted with oils using brushes and palette knives.

Canvases are available in two versions:

Limited Edition Art Canvases : 16"x16" Art Canvas Reproductions printed on a 1.5" stretched canvas frame, signed by Ryan Farish and Nelson Ruger on the front, and numbered.  These canvases have a limited run of fifty (50) canvases.

Hand Embellished, Limited Edition Art Canvases: these 16"x16" Art Canvases are printed on a 1.5" stretched canvas frames, and then Nelson makes each a unique work of art by embellishing details throughout the piece with acrylic paint.  Though similar to the original,  each canvas becomes completely unique and stands as a work of art in itself.  Each Canvas varnished and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.  The canvas is signed by both Ryan and Nelson, and numbered on the front and back.  These unique canvases have a limited run of five (5) canvases.

Please note that signature locations will very from canvas to canvas.  On the product images, the signatures have been blurred (they wont be blurry in real life, unless you're not wearing glasses or something).

All Canvases also include:

  • Two stickers featuring the logos of Ryan Farish and Nelson Ruger
  • Three paper art prints - from other artwork from the Art for Life Collection
  • "The Making of...." Book featuring the making of the Art for Art for Life.  It includes bios of the artists, concept art, early sketches, process photos, and more
  • A Thank You Note from Ryan and Nelson celebrating the art of collaboration in the creation of these album covers
All Canvases begin production November 10th and have a minimum processing time of 2-4 weeks before shipping upon ordering.

    And be sure to check out the Art for Life Album Art T-Shirts.

    By purchasing this artwork, you agree you will not make or authorize any reproduction or derivative work or public display of the artwork without the Artist’s prior written consent. You further acknowledge that your purchase of the artwork does not include any rights to the artwork to or for any commercial use in any manner, now known or to be known or created in the future. You agree that the artwork is only for personal display, use in a home, gallery, or business (physical structure).

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