Art Tiles - 8" Beach Themed Canvas Prints

  • Six printed canvas tiles of various beach décor paintings, including blue waves, surfers, beaches, and mermaids arranged on stylish white wall

Art Tiles - 8" Beach Themed Canvas Prints


Coastal themed artwork that will send you on a mini-vacation.

Each of these small artworks is a framed canvas reproduction of artwork, 8" tall and 8" wide, 5/8" deep.  They may be hung, set on a shelf, etc. - theyre small and easy to move around and fit in the perfect spots to give you those salt hair dont care vibes wherever you put them.

Art available as Art Tiles are:

  • Big Blue (blue wave painting)
  • The Endless (green wave painting)
  • Tower Life 1 (California beach sunset lifeguard tower art)
  • I Love you From Here to Oahu (kinda self explanatory, really)
  • Be a Mermaid (in a sea of fish...also self explanatory)
  • Duck Diver Green (surfer art of a dude diving under a wave on his board)

Production time varies.  Please email us if you need them in a hurry!


  • 8" tall by 8" wide stretched art canvas reproductions on a 5/8" thick wood frame
  • Sides of canvas print are black
  • Production times vary - can take up to a month but we try to keep them in stock - email or call us if you need them fast!

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