Big Nebula's Tiki Bar Surfboard Wall Art

  • Hand-painted wooden surfboard featuring a space-tiki-theme on a white background

Big Nebula's Tiki Bar Surfboard Wall Art


Journey to the edge of the universe and bring back this surfboard to tell everybody that you visited Big Nebula's Tiki Bar!

Inspired by the Atomic Age, early manned spaceflight, and of course Tiki Bars, this hand painted wooden surfboard is a mix of many of Nelson's favorite things.  Especially Mai Tai's.

This original surfboard wall art is hand painted on the front in acrylics featuring graphic-style planets, rocket ships, and even a Tiki-space station with the words "Big Nebula's Tiki Bar" at the bottom.  The back is stained in a rich, deep brown with a stripe running up the middle.

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  • One (1) miniature surfboard with a hand-painted graphic-style space scene painted on the front
    • There are iridescent mediums mixed in with some of the paint, giving bit a shimmering quality in some light. Its super cool.
  • Back of board is stained with stripes to complement natural wood grain
  • Please note that as this is reclaimed wood, the back of the board is also unique
  • Varnished for color durability
  • Mini surfboard is 6” wide & 24” tall and 1/4" thick
  • A D-ring is installed on the back for hanging.  It's also great to lean against a wall.  It can really just go anywhere. 
    • Wherever you put it, it will improve the quality of all the items around it by 8 billion percent (okay, no it won't but it sure will look cool)
  • Signed by the artist
  • FREE SHIPPING (everybody loves free shipping)

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