Calling Home vol. 1

  • Cityscape wall art of red English phone booth on London street

Calling Home vol. 1


Looking for those chill, European city vibes? Hey. We’ve got them. And without using frequent flier miles!

In London, off of a busy City Street, the warm streetlights create a comforting glow on the ancient cobblestone. Warm windows offer a glimpse into the inviting homes and offices nearby. A bright red phone booth offers a dry escape from the misty weather, and up ahead an open doorway leads to shelter, friends, and good times.

The is an original oil painting by Nelson, painted using a palette knife. As such, it has strong, thick dimensionality and texture in the paint.  The art is finished with a coat of clear Art Resin.


  • One painting of a street in London - 16"x20"x5/8" palette knife oils on stretched canvas
  • Hand painted with a palette knife
  • Finished with a coat of varnish and clear Art Resin
    • provides UV protection
    • adds tremendous depth of color color and texture
    • some oil paint texture pokes through the surface but is still protected by the Art Resin
  • Ready to hang
  • Sides of canvas print are painted a cool, dark grey bordering on black
  • Signed by the artist

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