Captain Aloha Art Canvas

  • Captain America Print by Nelson Makes Art

Captain Aloha Art Canvas


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Tiki Avengers Assemble!

Meet Captain Aloha - The First AlohAvenger - champion of all things Tiki!

In this case, it means long weekends, perfect days at the beach, and hula dancing.

It’s America’s Tiki!


  • An art canvas reproduction of digital artwork of Captain Aloha
  • Painted with those Tiki fantasy vibes in mind, this beach decor art will hang well in any living room, bedroom, lounge, office, or study
  • Tones: Red, White, Blue, Green, Black
  • Art is produced with a 1.5" gallery wrap on all canvases except the 8”x8” which has a .75” gallery wrap
  • Sides of canvas print are black