Castaway Christmas Ornament

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  • Blue and white Christmas ornament with rolling ocean waves as beach Christmas tree decor by Nelson Makes Art

Castaway Christmas Ornament

Sold Out! Inquire for more...

Like a bird's eye view of the ocean waves rolling in on your favorite beach, our new Castaway Christmas Ornaments bring the tropical shore right into your holiday home!  Hand-painted surf, infused with vacation memories, direct to your coastal Christmas tree.

These hand-painted glass ball Christmas ornaments will send you on a Hawaiian surfing vacation, beach umbrella and palm tree not included.

Like viewing the rolling surf from a camera high above the beach, each ornament is hand-painted using glossy resin paints to reflect the vision of turquoise waters on beautiful beaches. 

Each ornament is hand-made, so each is unique and different from the others.

Get your retro-vintage Hawaiian holiday decor on!  Also perfect for beach wedding decorations.

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  • Hand-painted glass ball Christmas ornament
  • Yes, we can personalize your ornament!  Please fill out the personalization field. If you don’t need any personalization, just leave it blank.
  • Hand-painted using resin-based paint
  • Each glass ball holiday ornament measures 70 millimeters (2.76") in diameter
  • Hooks not included
  • Due to the time required to paint, cure, and then bake these custom glass ornaments, please allow 1-2 weeks for processing

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