Castaway Surfboard Christmas Ornament

  • Wood surfboard Christmas ornaments with blue and white waves washing up a creamy sand beach. Hand-painted waves on smooth wood surface.

Castaway Surfboard Christmas Ornament


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Surf into the holidays with our hand-painted Castaway Surfboard Christmas Ornaments. Made of wood, painted in vivid blues and turquoise, and accented with frothy white foam, it's as if you were floating over a tropical coast. 

The reverse side is stained a rich, deep brown with a single white stripe running up the middle, just like a surfboard spine.

Each piece is hand-painted and is entirely unique, so you will not receive an exact duplicate of the ornament shown - it will have its own unique style and design, utilizing the colors and technique depicted. Each board is signed by the artist on the reverse side and can be personalized.

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  • One (1) Hand-painted Castaway Surfboard Ornament
  • Yes, we can personalize your ornament!  Please email us first and let us know what you want before ordering.
  • If your holidays need a little Point Break, then this is so for you (no banks were robbed in the making of these ornaments)
  • Painted using acrylics and resin paints
  • Each board is 6" in length
  • FREE SHIPPING & Santa Approved!