Convergence vol. 1

  • California Coast Art of Blue Ocean Waves converging under Pier

Convergence vol. 1


Vivid beach house decor for anyone who loves the ocean.

The sun begins to dip beneath the horizon. Beneath the Manhattan Beach Pier in Southern California, the waves roll in and crash against the supports. A surfer hangs out on their board beyond the waves.


  • One oil painting of the Manhattan Beach Pier at Sunset
  • Canvas size is 18"x24"x5/8"
  • Hand painted with a palette knife - giving it substantial texture and depth
  • Finished with a coat of varnish and clear Art Resin
    • provides UV protection
    • adds tremendous depth of color color and texture
    • some oil paint texture pokes through the surface but is still protected by the Art Resin
  • Ready to hang
  • Sides of canvas print are painted a cool, dark grey
  • Signed by the artist

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