Current View, vol.2

  • Large oil on canvas painting with Ocean City MD sunrise over the beach

Current View, vol.2


Beach decor with those sunset wall art vibes.

The beach at sunset. Art in and of itself. The setting sun sets the sky alight in golds, oranges and purples, and glows on the rolling surf of the blue ocean. A boardwalk made of old, worn and weathered planks leads down to the sand. Beach grass reflects glimmering light on their fronds as they wave in the evening breeze.

Painted in a contemporary, palette knife style on stretched canvas, this colorful artwork of the coast at twilight inspires calm and tranquility and invokes the essence of California beaches, and some even say dawn on the beaches of the east coast. The piece reminds us of the joy of travel, exploration, and warm, relaxing days by the sea

This original beach wall art is perfect for any home or space surrounded by those who love the shore or creating a home with ocean decor. Coastal dwellers will especially get drawn into this serene and stunning scene. Let the sunset fill your soul with light and color every day in this unique large wall art.

The painting you receive is the one pictured. If you like this one, be sure to check out Volume 1 of this series.


  • One oil painting of a beach at sunset
  • Painted with those Huntington Beach surf vibes and your favorite beach in mind, this shore decor art will hang well in any living room, bedroom, lounge, office, or study
  • Color tones: Blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Gold
  • Canvas size is 30"x40"x5/8"
  • This is an original oil painting on a stretched canvas frame, created using palette knives. Thus, the painting has three-dimensional texture to it.
  • This painting was gallery priced at over $2800. Get it direct from us and enjoy both a discount and a direct connection with the artist
  • Edges are painted in a cool, charcoal grey
  • Hand painted with a palette knife
  • Signed by the artist
  • Varnished for color durability
  • Frame and Matte not included

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