Day Dreaming, vol.2

  • Original oil painting of white sand beach on St Thomas island with footprints beside blue ocean

Day Dreaming, vol.2


More Caribbean art for your tropical home decor!  This is the second oil painting in the Day Dreaming series.

The turquoise waters of a Caribbean Sea call to you from a secluded grove. Sunlight plays on a few tall rocks and the sand in a shady spot beneath a lush and vibrant tree. Time for a swim!

The is an original oil painting by Nelson, painted using a palette knife. As such, it has strong, thick dimensionality and texture in the paint, which is clearly visible and adds a tremendous amount of depth to the piece.


  • One oil painting featuring a shady spot overlooking the Caribbean
  • This painting was gallery priced at over $850. Get it direct from us and enjoy both a discount and a direct connection with the artist
  • Canvas size is 16"x20"x5/8"
  • Edges are painted in a cool, dark grey, bordering on black
  • Hand painted with a palette knife
  • Signed by the artist - Nelson Ruger (thats me)
  • Varnished for color durability

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