Duck Diver Green - Framed

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Duck Diver Green - Framed


This is a hand painted, original watercolor art piece featuring a surfer diving beneath a rolling sea - the wave crashing overhead creating ripples and clouds of bubbles in the water. Beneath him stretches out a vast, deep, green sea, endless and full of possibilities.  It is framed in metallic silver with a white matte.

Whether you grew up surfing, have a love affair with the sea, or simply cant get enough of the salt air, this art print will bring the easy, surfer lifestyle right into your home. Perfect for your bar, dining room, beachside lounge, or wherever makes you feel groovy.

The painting you receive is the one pictured.

One watercolor painting of a surfer diving under some wicked surf into a blue, oceanic dreamworld
Frame size is 37.3125" x 29.875
Painting 28.0625" x 20.75"
Hand painted
Signed by the artist - Nelson Ruger
Sealed for color durability
Please note this item will ship UPS Ground from Virginia with a 1-2 week handling window