Duck Diver #reimagined #1 Art Canvas

  • Duck Diver #reimagined #1 Art Canvas

Duck Diver #reimagined #1 Art Canvas


A surfer dives beneath a rolling ocean wave - the sea glowing in luminescent blues and greens, surrounded by bubbles and foam.

This artwork is part of our #reimagined series - early artworks by Nelson given new life, reimagined for a new age.

Check out the original, framed watercolor artwork, and our art canvas reproductions of the original artwork.

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  • One Canvas Art Print of a surfer diving beneath waves into and endless blue world, based on an original watercolor painting and reimagined
  • Styled after the coolest surf this side of Mavericks
  • Art is produced on canvas with a 1.5" gallery wrap
  • Sides of canvas print are black
  • Tones: phthalo green, phthalo blue, cool white
  • Please note that all Art Canvases have a 7-10 Business Day processing time.

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