Everybody Knows, vol.3

  • Original oil painting of New York City street in the rain with blue and orange reflected lights

Everybody Knows, vol.3


Modern, impressionist wall art for lovers of all things urban and metropolitan.

A rainy night in the city.  Puddles of water reflect the city lights on the wet pavement.  A line of cars stop at a red light, and a solitary person crosses the street.  It is a calm, peaceful night in this rain-soaked city.

Painted in a contemporary, palette knife style on stretched canvas, this colorful artwork of a rainy street inspires the cozy feeling of a city alive yet calm and sedate, and invokes feelings of New York, Chicago, and other metropolitan cities, where a bustling urban life is just around the corner.

This is an original oil painting on a gallery-wrapped canvas frame, created using palette knives. Thus, the painting has a tremendous amount of three-dimensional texture to it.

The oil painting your receive is the one pictured.


  • One oil painting of a rain-covered city street
  • Canvas size is 16"x20"x1 1/2”
  • Edges are painted in a cool, dark grey, bordering on black
  • Hand painted with a palette knife
  • Signed by the artist - Nelson Ruger (thats me)
  • Varnished for color durability
  • Please note that due to the long drying times of oil paint, this painting will not be available to ship until some time after June 14th

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