Hale'iwa Dreamin’ Ukulele

  • A hand-painted soprano ukulele with a blue and green ocean wave crashing across the front of the body. Sitting in a tropical tiki bar.

Hale'iwa Dreamin’ Ukulele


Let the music of the waves soothe your soul with this beautiful, hand-painted ukulele.  Made of natural wood for a light, traditional ukulele sound, this soprano uke isn’t just an instrument, it’s a work of art!

Compact, lightweight, and infused with South Seas mojo, this little beauty will brighten anyone’s day.  And yes, it is meant to be played.

The ocean wave on the front face of the ukulele is painted in vivid blues and greens, while the rest of the uke is painted in a rich blue with varied undertones giving it depth and visual intrigue.

The back of the ukulele features Hawaiian symbols for water (as well as protection and guidance) running up the center, with the symbol for ‘eternal love’ at its heart.

Hang it in your bungalow to provide art by day and music by night, or whenever the mood strikes you! With this ukulele, it’s Aloha O’Clock wherever you go.  Mahalo!

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  • One (1) soprano ukulele, hand-painted with a vibrant blue and green ocean wave on the front, and in deep blue over the rest.  The back is highlighted with Hawaiian symbols for ‘water’ and "eternal love."
  • Yes! It’s a real ukulele! It will be strung when it ships, but you’ll need to tune it when it arrives
  • Ukulele strings included
  • 21” long, 6 7/8” at its widest, and weighs 14 ounces
  • It’s painted with the spirit of aloha that makes those sweet, sweet tunes you hear in Waikiki
  • Painted with acrylic paint, using brushes and palette knives. Sealed with several coats of polyurethane and buffed to a smooth finish.

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