The Hollow Road Art Canvas

  • Headless Horseman Halloween Wall Art Canvas by Nelson Makes Art

The Hollow Road Art Canvas


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Halloween wall art featuring The Headless Horseman that works all year long - The Hollow Road is part of Nelson’s yearly Halloween series, mixing the macabre with the spooky in his favorite ghostly tales.

A lonely path through a dark, dismal forest lit only by a handful of lanterns glowing with strange, green and yellow light leads to a chance encounter with a horseman. Not just any horseman, mind you...but one that long ago lost his own head...and is on an eternal quest for a new one…

This art canvas print is from an original oil painting by Nelson, painted using a palette knife.


  • One Canvas Art Print featuring the classic figure of the Headless Horseman on a pale, haunted path at midnight
  • Tones: Grey, Green, Yellow, Black, White
  • Art is produced on canvas with a 1.5" gallery wrap
  • Sides of canvas print are black
  • Please not that all Art Canvases have a 7-10 Business Day processing time.