Holiday Hoo Owl Art Ornaments

  • Silver owl Christmas tree ornament with blue and white painted chest and swirled eyes for blue Christmas decoration ideas.

Holiday Hoo Owl Art Ornaments


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What happens when we combine our love of owls and the art from our treasured holiday cards? Our Holiday Hoo Ornaments! Featuring three different pieces of Nelson holiday art and painted detail, these ornaments come in bronze and silver.

The perfect addition to your blue Christmas tree decor, or gift for an owl-loving friend.

The ornament you receive will not be identical to the ones pictured, but similar, due to the hand made process.

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  • One (1) Holiday Hoo Ornament - an owl in bronze or silver, each featuring three different art pieces by Nelson.
  • Combines Nelson's holiday card art with hand-painted detail
  • Each ornament measures 2 1/8" tall by 1 1/4" wide
  • Hooks not included