Huli Pau 2.0 Old Fashioned Tumbler Glasses

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  • Hand Painted Old Fashioned Tumbler Wave Glasses by Nelson Makes Art

Huli Pau 2.0 Old Fashioned Tumbler Glasses

Sold Out! Inquire for more...

These Huli Pau Koa Style (heavy base tumbler) Glasses each have a hand-painted, translucent blue wave wrapping around each glass. Painted in vibrant blues and greens, the wave is about to crash in on itself.

If you were wondering - Koa means warrior, in Hawaiian.

With these glasses, its always Surf Oclock somewhere. Huli Pau! (Cheers!). Enjoy responsibly.

The glasses you receive will not be identical to the ones pictured. As each item is hand-painted, I have attempted to give each glass its own flavor and story, utilizing all the tools I have - shape, color, line, and so on, making each glass a singular work of art. The colors and shape of the wave will vary from item to item - all displaying the colors of the sea. However, expect each set to have variety in color and style - no carbon copies here!


  • Koa Style Glasses (heavy base tumbler/rocks glasses) made of clear glass with a hand painted wave wrapping around the glass
  • Waves are available as open or closed waves
  • Styled after the coolest waves this side of Pipeline
  • Hand painted using Pebeo Glass Paint
  • Oven-fired for durability
  • Top shelf dishwasher safe
  • Yes, you can (and should!) drink from them!
  • Each 13.5 oz. glass measures 4-1/4 tall x 3-1/8 diameter

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