I Want To Be Where The People Are

  • I Want To Be Where The People Are

I Want To Be Where The People Are


Ursula the Sea Witch has a whole new look in our Halloween-style take on The Little Mermaid.

On a beautiful night under the stars on a calm sea, a young girl named Ariel (who's really a mermaid) is about to have her first kiss with a handsome prince. But Ursula the sea witch, her terrifying form revealed, has some other plans.

This painting on canvas was created using acrylics and then layers of art resin with dyes and powders poured on top. We then sealed the piece in another coat of clear art resin and adding metallic inclusions in the sky which glimmer like stars and tiny bubbles rising up out of the water. The final art resin coat gives the painting a glossy, solid, transparent finish.


  • One painting of a giant, tentacled beast about to surprise a couple on a rowboat about to kiss under fairry dust and a starry sky
  • Art is painted on canvas with a 1.5" gallery wrap
  • Tones: Green, Blue, Black with metallic highlights
  • Painting is finished using Art Resin giving it a solid and glossy coat

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