Live Edge Wood Charcuterie Board - Oval

  • Live Edge Wood Charcuterie Board - Oval

Live Edge Wood Charcuterie Board - Oval


This functional piece of artwork makes for a stunning presentation for cocktail hour, having friends over, or if you're just looking to bring some barefoot beach day vibes into your home 

These boards are designed to be both a piece of art and functional to cut on, serve snacks, cheese, fruits, bread, drinks and whatever your imagination cooks up. The wood (undecorated) portion of the board is treated with two coasts of both food grade mineral oil and wax.

What if you need to cut something larger than the undecorated space allows for?  Take the board, put a towel on the table to avoid scratching the resin, put the board down with the drawing and cut it boldly on the worktop. Mission complete. ;)

Wooden slabs, decorated with epoxy resin looks good in any interior and can be used as a morning coffee stand with a croissant, candle holder, a stand for perfume, rings, jewelry, watches, glasses, money, keys, purse and simply as an art object by hanging it on the wall.


  • One live-edge oval wood cut with ocean wave design created with deep blue & green colors and the white wash of waves rolling through the water
  • All Charcuterie Boards are treated with 2 coats of Food Grade Mineral Oil and Wax Prior to Shipping
  • Colors - Wood, Blues, Greens, White
  • Dimensions: 24" long x 10” wide


PLEASE NOTE: The epoxy resin is coated by hand, and some of imperfections on the surface like tiny bubbles are normal and make each piece.

Take special care of your wooden board with resin art.

Display in an area that is not in direct sunlight to prevent yellowing or fading of the resin. 

After use, wash the board with mild detergent, without using abrasive rags or liquids and dry it, and put it in an upright position so that it can dry on all sides.

Periodically, at least once a month, treat your board with any oil (e.g. olive)

Use a soft cloth or tissue to rub the oil on all sides, including the sides, avoiding the area covered with epoxy resin.
Leave it overnight, then dab the excess oil with a napkin and continue to enjoy your board:)

The surface with resin art can be cleaned with glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol, using SOFT rag.

Remember that taking care of your wooden boards will increase their life expectancy and is also an essential part of food hygiene

Never leave the board in sitting in the sink with water and do not wash it in the dishwasher! Keep the board dry until you use it.

Any liquid should not be present on the surface of the board for a long time.

Do not store your board near a heat source (battery, stove, outdoors).

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