Mini-Moai Holiday Ornaments

  • Mini-Moai Holiday Ornaments

Mini-Moai Holiday Ornaments


From the distant and exotic land of very tiny people that like fruity drinks, sandy beaches, and office Christmas parties come the Mini-Moai Holiday Ornaments!

These Tiki-inspired sculptures is first painted using dark green and Gold Mica Powders in a mold that his then poured with Art Resin.  And the final product is all South Seas mystery (and fruity drinks).

Our Mini-Moai's come in two styles - Jungle Gold (because they're painted in Green and Gold - yes, the clever meter around here is at an all time low), and Merry Moai's - a green Moai with a Santa Hat.  Red and Green Moai's for Christmas!  Or Jungle Gold Moai's because...why not.


  • Art Resin poured Easter Island-style statues painted using mica powders
    • Available in 2 styles:
      • Jungle Gold Moai - painted in dark green and gold mica powders
        • an eye hook at the top of the head anxiously awaits an ornament hook (not provided - I know, bummer)
      • Merry Moai - painted in dark green mica powders each with a REAL Santa Hat attached (its not actually from Santa, its just a real hat - a really tiny one)
        • an eye hook at the back of the head allows the Moai to look both stylish and charming while casually displaying it's attached Santa Hat
  • These Moai weigh in at 5-6 ounces, so pick a good sized branch to hang them on
  • Dimensions - 3.67" tall x 2.28" wide x 2.48" deep
  • Leather loop, wire ornament hanger, and whatever other thing you would use to hang this on your tree not included

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