Mischief the Mermaid Resin Christmas Ornament

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  • Blue mermaid beachy holiday ornament with purple in tail and turquoise accents. Made of translucent resin.

Mischief the Mermaid Resin Christmas Ornament

Sold Out! Inquire for more...

Mischief, meet everybody.

Everybody, meet Mischief.

She's our favorite troublemaker from the South Seas.

Mischief is regularly on the "Naughty List" - not that you'd ever notice from the look she gives you - but oh boy.  She's got more coal in her treasure chest than gold at this point.  But we love her anyway!

Get that "Beach Hair, Don't Care" vibe going on your Christmas Tree with our Fins Up Mermaid Resin Ornament.

Our Mermaids are poured from Jeweler's Resin - meaning they are stronger and more durable than glass, yet are lighter and still have all the translucency and vibrance of a traditional glass ornament. We color our ornaments using UV dyes, which keeps them transparent yet full of vibrant color that will never fade.  Each tail has a molded front and flat back.

This Mermaid Ornament is a mix of blue with a purple fin.  Full of light and color, these ornaments will take you on a tropical seas holiday without ever needing to go over the river and through the woods!

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  • Hand-made shimmering Mischeif the Mermaid Resin Ornament
  • Her measurements are 5.5" long by 2" wide by 0.5" deep (don't ask her what her measurements are, though, unless you want to learn far more than you previously intended)
  • This ornament is a hand-poured resin-cast made by us - not factory-made!  The final product is a transparent / translucent resin, making it light and durable - it is not glass or plastic.
  • Colors : a mix of blue and purple
  • The ornament you receive will not be identical to the ones pictured. The resin casting process will create unique versions every single time - so each is a unique work of art.
  • Limited quantities available. She’s super popular. If Mermaids were Avengers, she’d be our “Strongest Avenger.”
  • Hooks not included

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