Moana Pendant Necklace - Diamond

  • Diamond shaped wood pendant with a blue ocean wave painted on the front with an adjustable leather cord necklace

Moana Pendant Necklace - Diamond


Hand painted wood pendant necklaces that will send you on a tropical vacation wherever you are.

Each diamond-shaped wood pendant is made of eco-friendly, renewable wood.  A hand painted blue wave rolls across the bottom of the pendant, sweeping up along the sides and sealed with a semi-glossy finish. The piece is finished with a brown leather cord in a Cat Claw Knot above the pendant and knots on either side that slide to adjust the length (8" to 16").  The back is signed by the artist.

And in case you were wondering, Moana is Hawaiian for ocean.

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  • One Moana Wood Pendant Necklace (diamond shape) with a blue wave hand painted on the front and sealed with a glossy finish
  • Pendant is 2 1/4 in diameter with an opening toward the top
  • Leather Cord necklace with adjustable length - 8" to 16"
  • Perfect for any lover of the sea
  • For best results, keep dry and out of the water.
    • For worst results, set it on fire

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