My Summer Friend - Framed

  • Framed original watercolor painting of surfer girl riding a big blue wave in front of a golden sun in a gold frame

My Summer Friend - Framed


Surf decor meets surfer girl wall art in one of Nelson's earliest large watercolor pieces, and one very close to his heart.

One day, years ago, Nelson (who had never surfed) went for a surfing class along with someone else (who had also never surfed).  They spend the day falling down but eventually learned to ride in a few sets.  As the day grew late and sun got low, Nelson watched her catch one late day wave into the shore.  The sun, the light, the sea, her politely wedged itself into his brain and very quietly screamed "...paint me..."

So he went home, and he did his first surf art piece ever.

This is a hand painted, original watercolor art piece featuring a surfer girl catching some waves at sunset, painted in a zen watercolor style. It is framed in metallic gold with a white matte.



  • One watercolor painting of a surfer girl at sunset
  • Frame size is 23.75" x 30"
  • Painting size is 21.75" x 16"
  • Hand painted
  • Signed by the artist - Nelson Ruger
  • Sealed for color durability
  • Please note this item will ship with a 1-2 week handling window

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