Ocean Art Pendants - wearable beach mini-art

  • Trendy beach necklaces for her by Nelson Makes Art

Ocean Art Pendants - wearable beach mini-art


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Love the beach?  Wait.  Totally dumb question.  Lets start over.

Love beach art?  Yes!  So do we.  That's why we made our Ocean Art Pendants - miniature, wearable ocean and beach art sealed in art resin.  Perfect for beach bums, surfers, tiki fanatics, or anybody who loves the sea (I mean that's most of us but you can narrow that one down as you see fit).

Each 1" copper pendant has a hand-poured resin domed surface. Beneath the resin lies a print of one of our favorite coastal-themed artworks:

Each pendant comes with an 18" black leather cord necklace.


  • One copper pendant with an art print from beach art by Nelson under a hand poured resin domed surface
  • Perfect for any lover of the sea
  • Pendant is 1" in diameter
  • Comes with an 18" Black Leather Cord Necklace
  • Yes, you can (and should!) wear it! It is not waterproof, but is  water resistant - water damage may occur. We do not recommend submerging in water for any length of time.