Ocean Wave Christmas Ornaments

  • Ocean Wave Christmas Ornaments

Ocean Wave Christmas Ornaments


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Surfs up!  Grab your eggnog and your favorite holiday tunes - we’re gonna catch some rad surf with these Ocean Wave Christmas Ornaments - Its somer serious Hand Painted Surf for your Christmas Tree. (I hope it's had surf lessons, but if not don't worry, I'm sure it'll just wing it).

These glass, custom painted Holiday Ornaments will send you on a Hawaiian surfing vacation, beach umbrella and palm tree not included. Hey I hear they carry sunscreen on Amazon. There ya go.

A hand painted blue wave wraps around the ornament. Ornaments come in open waves (where the wave is about to break) or closed waves (the wave has crashed). Each ornament is signed by the artist.

Get your retro-vintage Hawaiian Holiday Decor on!  Also perfect for beach wedding decorations.


  • Hand Painted Glass Ornaments Ocean Wave Ornaments
  • Yes!  We can personalize it!  Please email us for details before ordering
  • Hand painted using non-toxic enamel Liquitex Glossies paint
  • Oven-fired for durability
  • Hand-washable (just in case you happen to have a food fight in your house or something - we like to be prepared to weird eventualities)
  • Each glass ornament measures 70 millimeters (2.76") in diameter
  • Hooks not included