Shimmering Seas Mermaid Ornament

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  • Shimmering turquoise mermaid Christmas ornament made with translucent resin with glittery particles suspended inside. Mermaid is posed as though swimming, with one arm extended in a graceful pose.

Shimmering Seas Mermaid Ornament

Sold Out! Inquire for more...

Please read the entire description it is very important that you are satisfied with your purchase!

From the realms of myth and legend comes this shimmery siren of the deep blue sea. This tiny (3.5" long) resin-cast mermaid holiday ornament is infused with translucent and transparent dyes as well as reflective glitter inclusions during the resin casting processing, giving this beauty a luminous glow. Hang her near a light and watch her sparkle as if she just leapt from the sea!

This ornament is a hand-poured resin-cast made by us - not factory-made!  The final product is a transparent / translucent resin, making it lighter and more flexible - it is not glass or plastic.

The ornament you receive will not be identical to the ones pictured. The resin casting process and inclusions will create their own shapes of color. We will infuse each piece with our love for the sea to ensure that the colors and essence of the mermaid bring surprise and delight.

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  • A charming, magical seascape that brings the magic of a tropical beach to your home
  • Hand-poured resin ornament infused with translucent and transparent dyes and glitter inclusions
  • Each ornament measures about 3 1/2" inches from hand to fin (you don't get to write that every day, that's for sure)
  • Hooks not included
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