Star Wars - A New Hope Awakens Womens T-shirt

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Star Wars - A New Hope Awakens Womens T-shirt


Wait a second. Yes - thats the Death Star (1st one? 2nd one? They made so many!) And...okay...thats a Tie Fighter and an X-Wing. But is that...Rey? Holding 2 lightsabers? And BB-8? Wait. Which movie is this?!

This Women's Crew Neck T-shirt and V-neck T-shirt by Nelson is here to celebrate all of Star Wars from A New Hope to The Force Awakens (Prequels? What Prequels?). Jedi! Death Stars! Droids! Star fighters! All the things!

Art by Nelson.  Manufactured by My Artisan Printing in Texas.

- One womens crew neck T-shirt featuring Jedi, Droids, Starfighters, and a Death Star.  All the best things you love about the Star Wars Universe.
- Styled after the coolest Jedi this side of the galaxy.
- T-shirts come in various sizes and colors - please see the size chart for specifics
- This design is printed on a Next Level brand 100% preshrunk cotton shirt

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