Star Wars - Legacy of The Empire Art Canvas

  • Star Wars The Dark Side Wall Art Canvas by Nelson Makes Art

Star Wars - Legacy of The Empire Art Canvas


Darth Vader. Kylo Ren. Star Destroyers. The Empire. The First Order. Star Wars classics that always leave an impression. (Are you humming the Imperial March? Because I bet you are now that you just read that).

They stand on the edge of darkness, imposing their will on the galaxy through The Force, and other...less subtle means ( know...DEATH STARS). The First Order, led by the terrifying Kylo Ren, stand poised to return the galaxy to an age of darkness and despair. To finish, as Kylo said, what Darth Vader started.

This art celebrates the amazing visionaries and terrifying figures of the Star Wars Saga, both new and old. Kylo Ren stands on a platform above a river of lava on the planet Mustafar - the world where Darth Vader, his grandfather, ruled the Empire's forces with an iron fist (indeed, Darth Vader's castle looms behind Kylo). Above Kylo floats a classic Imperial II Star Destroyer and a squadron of 1st Generation Tie Fighters, and above them, the dream-like visage of the helmet of the galaxy's most terrifying figure - Darth Vader - the Legacy of The Empire.


  • One Canvas Art Print celebrating the darker side of the Star Wars saga
  • Tones: Red, Black, Pink, Magenta, Purple, White
  • Print is available with a white or black background
  • Art is produced on canvas with a 1.5" gallery wrap
  • Sides of canvas print are black
  • Please not that all Art Canvases have a 7-10 Business Day processing time.

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