Hawaiian Holiday Surfboard Ornaments - Big Island Style #20C

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  • Hawaiian Holiday Surfboard Ornaments - Big Island Style #20C

Hawaiian Holiday Surfboard Ornaments - Big Island Style #20C

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Celestial skies, swaying palm trees, and warm tropical seas gathering around your toes.  Welcome to the Big Island Surfboard Ornament series.

The Hawaiian Holiday Surfboard Ornaments are our signature Christmas Ornaments.  Each is unique - hand-painted by Nelson and treated as a special work of art - a tropical Christmas vacation in an ornament.

Our Big Island series features tropical starry skies filled with millions of stars, vivid ocean waves, moonlit beaches, and shadowy palms - each a stunning vision of the tropics at night. They’re inspired by the Keck Observatory atop Maunakea, home to the world’s largest infrared and optical telescopes. Atop their volcano in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, this observatory catches some of the clearest sky views on the planet.

Every surfboard is hand-painted and sealed for color durability. The reverse side is stained a rich, deep brown with a single white stripe running up the middle, just like a surfboard spine.

Each board is signed by the artist on the reverse side.

If you see an ornament you like and it has sold, please message us and we will see if we can recreate it.

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  • A wooden surfboard-shaped Christmas ornament featuring a hand-painted beach at night with a billion stars silhouetting palm trees and warm ocean waves.  It’s like a mini-vacation in a Christmas ornament!
  • Sealed for color durability.
  • Yes, we can personalize your ornament!  Please fill out the personalization field. If you don’t need any personalization, just leave it blank.
  • Each board is 6" in length.
  • Signed by the artist.
  • FREE SHIPPING & Santa Approved!

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