The Hollow Road vol. 2

  • The Hollow Road vol. 2

The Hollow Road vol. 2


The Headless Horseman rides again!  Wall art that isn't just for Halloween anymore, The Hollow Road vol. 2 is part of Nelson’s yearly Halloween series, mixing the macabre with the spooky in his favorite ghostly tales.

A lonely path through a dark, dismal forest - lit only by a handful of lanterns, each glowing with strange, green and yellow light - leads to a chance encounter with a horseman. Not just any horseman, mind you...but one that long ago lost his own head...and is on an eternal quest for a new one.

This is an original oil painting by Nelson, painted using a palette knife. As such, it has strong, thick dimensionality and texture in the paint, which is clearly visible and adds a tremendous amount of depth to the piece.  Additionally, some oil paint rough edges protrude beyond the edge of the art by no more than 1/8" or so.

The painting you receive is the one pictured. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the long drying times of oil paint, this painting may not be able to ship until after December 12th, 2021, possibly into 2022.  Questions?  Feel free to email us.


  • One oil painting featuring the classic figure of the Headless Horseman on a pale, haunted path at midnight
  • Tones: Blue, Grey, Black, White, Yellow, Green
  • Canvas size is 18"x24"x1.5"
  • Gallery wrapped with black edges
  • Hand painted with a palette knife
  • Signed by the artist
  • Satin Varnish

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