The Insta-Downpayment Button!

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The Insta-Downpayment Button!


Ready to throw down a downpayment to claim the artwork as your own? Awesome!

Please be sure to contact us first to discuss your level of downpayment.

Just select the level of downpayment and write in the notes what artwork you're ready to purchase. We will put your downpayment toward your final purchase amount.

Please note that this downpayment is non-refundable under any circumstances.

Downpayments are broken down by the final price of the art:

  • Artwork $10-$200 : $50
  • Artwork $201-$500 : $100
  • Artwork $501-$1000 : $200
  • Artwork $1001-$2500 : $500
  • Artwork $2500 and up: $1000

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