Tiki Adventure #1 - Friday Night Tiki Lights

  • Tiki Adventure #1-Friday Night Tiki Lights-Original Art-nelsonmakesart

Tiki Adventure #1 - Friday Night Tiki Lights


The Tiki Advdntures begin here! On a lush island hideaway, a line of tiki lights lead the way to a glowing tiki hut where an evening of good times and tall tales are In full swing. A surfboard belonging to one of the revelers rests against a nearby palm. A girl outfitted in her favorite tropical party dress and chilling with her martini greet us before the hut. In the distance, a mysterious mountain shaped like a skull overlooks the peaceful valley. What adventures lie beyond the waters ahead?!

This is an art piece painted with oils using only a palette knife on a gallery wrapped canvas.

This painting is currently hanging in the Southern California Art Collective. If you are interested in acquiring it, please contact us at nelsonmakesart@me.com. We would love to bring this art into your life!

The painting you receive is the one pictured.

One oil painting featuring a glowing Tiki hut at night
This painting was gallery priced at over $1000. Get it direct from us and enjoy both a discount and a direct connection with the artist
Styled after the coolest Tiki legends this side Bali Hai.
Canvas size is 18"x24"x2"
Gallery wrapped - edges are painted in a cool, deep blue
Hand painted with a palette knife
Signed by the artist - Nelson Ruger (thats me)
Varnished for color durability