Washed Ashore Surfboard Ornament #3

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  • Washed Ashore Surfboard Ornament #3

Washed Ashore Surfboard Ornament #3

Sold Out! Inquire for more...

Straight out of the artist studio, the coast, and onto your Christmas tree - the Washed Ashore Collection presents a unique opportunity to own one of our Surfboard Christmas Ornaments created as a part of our artistic process. 

Each Washed Ashore Ornament is its own unique art piece. Part experimental art, part holiday cheer, and of course, part tropical holiday, each surfboard is all art on a wooden mini-surfboard.  Some may appear to fit with our other surfboard collections - 

Each surfboard is hand-painted and is entirely unique - a one-of-a-kind decoration. That's pretty awesome. 

The reverse side is stained a rich, deep brown with a single white stripe running up the middle, just like a surfboard spine, and signed by the artist.

Our surfboards will help you roll into the holidays with some serious Surfing Santa Style (or not so serious - I mean the guy is wearing a red insulated suit surfing in the tropics - that's pretty much not serious).

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  • One (1) Hand Painted Washed Ashore Surfboard Ornament
  • Sealed for color durability
  • Each board is 6" in length
  • Signed by the artist
  • FREE SHIPPING & Santa Approved!
  • Due to the unique nature of these items, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges for any items in the Washed Ashore Collection.  Thank you for understanding.

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