Whatever It Takes, vol.1

  • Whatever It Takes, vol.1

Whatever It Takes, vol.1


Agent Peggy Carter, one of the founders of SHIELD, is on the hunt, and whoever she's after better pray she never find them!

On a dim, fog shrouded city street, Agent Carter, with her iconic red hat and swagger, hunts agents of Hydra wherever they hide. 

This is an original oil painting by Nelson, painted using a palette knife. As such, it has strong, thick dimensionality and texture in the paint, which is clearly visible and adds a tremendous amount of depth to the piece.  


  • One oil painting inspired by Marvel's Agent Carter
  • Tones: Blue, Black, White, Red
  • Canvas size is 16"x20"x.5"
  • Edges are painted in a cool, dark grey, bordering on black
  • Hand painted with a palette knife
  • Signed by the artist
  • Satin Varnish

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