Windswept vol.1

  • Windswept vol.1

Windswept vol.1


Surf art with real texture and depth of color, Windswept stands out among the crowd.

A strong ocean breeze tugs at the foam of a crashing wave, causing the water to pull up and over the crest. The glow of the sun through the water turns the cast of the sea from blue to green to a vibrant yellow against the blue sky.

This is an original oil painting on a stretched canvas frame, created using palette knives. Thus, the painting has a tremendous amount of three-dimensional texture to it.

One oil painting of a breaking green and blue wave, painted using a palette knife
Styled after the coolest waves this side of Mavericks
This painting was gallery priced at over $800. Get it direct from us and enjoy both a discount and a direct connection with the artist
Canvas size is 30"x24"x5/8"
Gallery wrapped - edges are painted in a cool, charcoal grey
Hand painted
Signed by the artist - Nelson Ruger (thats me)
Varnished for color durability
Frame and Mat not included

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